Passat full FIS TDI cluster (3B0 920 949A) in golf mk4

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    • Hi you all! One more time let's put this thread on the top.

      I've recently bought a 3B0 920 949A cluster for my car. It's a 2001 Golf IV GTI 1.8T with 1J0 CCM.

      The original cluster was a Motometer inmo2 (I don't have part number right now) but seven years ago I upgraded to a 1J0 920 927A (US R32) thanks to the help bring by herrmi at that moment. There is a thread related here in this forum.

      Now I want to upgrade again to my new 949A but it seems impossible to make it work.

      I have flashed a modified 1J0 920 846 G dump and I have the problem of the wrong speedometer values (I think I've clear how to edit the EEPROM to match my R32 foils, so not much problem here) and the lack of open doors alerts, low water level etc.

      But there's more, I have an annoying problem that is the first time I know about. At random times, I get an alert of "opened trunk" in the screen, with the trunk properly closed.

      I can attach the dumps from both clusters, the new and the old ones.

      Can somebody help me with this, please?

      Thanks in advance!

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